Monday, September 30, 2013

Is iOS 7 Making You Feel Sick?

If you have used iOS7, you will discover that even if the flat design style, the new UI won't give a person the sense of crude, because the Apple add a lot of dynamic transition effects. However, recently some iPhone users in the Apple forum complaint that too much dynamic effects on iOS7 let them feel sick. He said that when he is reading, the iOS7 screen is just like reading in the car. After that, some other followers agree with that opinion.

1. Is iOS7 making you feel sick?

The Apple iOS7 is the significative change in the iOS system style. Therefore, it will result in different response of different people. Of course, there is no influence of using iOS7 in the taste of styles. Even though the users who dislike iOS7, they will adjust it gradually, because of in most cases, we won't spend too much time on the system itself. However, the other problem that iOS7 style change brings is not the slow adaptation. It is some iPhone users react that iOS7 let them feel nausea and dizzy.

2. Can we close the motion functions?

In the iOS7 secondary function, Apple offers the option of reducing the effect of dynamic; it is able to close the effect of hovered icon by making use of optical illusion. But when they click to enter or exit applications, the desktop icons move fast, blow up to inside and narrow the effect. But these functions can't be closed.

3. Opinions of professors

For some iPhone user, that is really a big problem. About this, some professors suggest that they had better take a rest usually; also the eyes don't stay closely to the screen, or don't use the device. Certainly, for those rely on mobile device too much, the last suggestion seems not suit for them.

4. Opinions of science and technology writers

Some science and technology writers doubt that whether Apple ignores people who have difficulty in vision and sense of balance. If Apple really wants to take care of those users that have physical illness, they have to know the problems that those functions bring and spend more time listening to the response of their user and let these functions more useful.

5. Opinions of application developers

Some application developers think that if Apple is able to provide options for their users to stop the animation, then that will be a good thing. Besides, the application users should consider different users and then design their UI according to this. They should allow their users to close the upsetting things, but the animation is sure to have and it is not just for the decoration. Apple should provide this option on a system level.

6. Opinion of me:

I think it is normal for the iOS7 users to fell sick when they are using it. Sometimes it is not only on the using of iOS7, but also when you are playing games. But if the Apple do not afford an option for you to close them and you still want to use it, you can try to close your eyes and then wait for a moment. When you feel better, continue to use it. Otherwise, you have to adjust it.

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Monday, September 16, 2013

What If You Forgot iPhone 5S Backup Password

As we all know, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c was released on September 10th, 2013 and for those Apple fans, this should be the most exciting event in their recent life. Not only have we waited for this new iPhone for a long time, Apple does not let us down this time.

Just like the old iPhone, you have to use iTunes to connect the iPhone 5s to the PC. If you are lucky enough to get the new iPhone 5S and would like to connect it to your computer, but you create a backup password for the backup files and forgot iPhone 5s backup password by accident, what will you do?

Perhaps you need a useful and quick solution to deal with this unexpected accident. But you aren't a professor, neither a repairman. You are just only an ordinary iPhone 5s user who is curious about the new feature of this machine. So what can you do? You Google search online and hoping to figure out any information about this iPhone backup password recovery problem.

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If you are curious about how to use this smart iTunes iPhone backup password recovery key, you might as well see the steps as below:
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