Saturday, November 8, 2014

How to Restore iTunes 12 Backup Password without Losing Data

When it comes to listen to the music share platform, most of the persons will remind the iTunes. Yes, the Apple iTunes has shared lots of songs with the music lovers! The latest version is iTunes 12 at present. But it is not only able to save your large numbers of songs. If you connect your iOS device to the Windows computer or Mac, your iTunes 12 will open automatically and then you can backup your data to iTunes.

However, do you know that there is a backup password in iTunes? If you have created the backup password, you will have to type the correct password at first. But sometimes we are not so lucky every time, what if we lost iTunes 12 backup password? Then we will have to learn how to restore iTunes 12 backup password easily and quickly.

Which is the better way to restore iTunes 12 backup password safely?

If you need to decrypt the backup password in iTunes 12 while you connect your iOS device to the personal computer, you will need to take advantage of the excellent and well-known third-party program – SmartKey iTunes Backup Password Recovery tool. With this famous, safe and smart iTunes backup password key, we don't have to worry about iTunes asking for a backup password to unlock our iOS device in iTunes 12 anymore.

How to restore iTunes 12 backup password from iPhone/iPad/iPod?

Then we will have to learn about how to restore iTunes 12 backup password from our devices. Here you can see it:
Step 1: Download, install and launch this smart iTunes backup unlocker to your desktop or laptop and then you can see the users interface of it. You can download it from its official website ( ).

Step 2: Load your encrypted iPhone/iPad/iPod backup file to this software via clicking the Open button. The default path is:
#Windows 8.1/8: Users>USERNAME>AppData>Roaming>Apple Computer>MobileSync>Backup
#Windows 7: C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup
#Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Bckup

Step 3: Choose one of the three password attack types, which are Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack. And then click the Start button. The program will show you the backup password for a while. At last, you can copy this password to restore the password in iTunes 12.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Apple Releases iTunes 12.0.1 for OS X 10.10 Yosemite

Recently Apple releases its new iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 for their users. At the same times, except that, Apple also promotes the latest iTunes 12.0.1 and this update is "designed for OS X Yosemite". Just like the other updates, the latest iTunes version is redesigned with a new interface, which is far more beautiful than before. Now you can download it from Apple Official site:

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

iTunes Backup Unlocker - How to Unlock iTunes Backup Password for iOS Device

Question 1: I forgot my Password with Encryption on iTunes Backup?
Hi, I created a backup on my laptop with iTunes while I connect my iPhone to Windows PC. Now I forgot the backup password but I've tried to recover it and it is encrypted! I did not get any clue about the backup password in my iTunes 11, what should I do now? What the iTunes backup password is? I can't remember it!

Question 2: iTunes Asks for a Backup Password but How to Unlock it?
So I need to restore my iPhone but I want to back it up first so I don't lose everything. I just downloaded iTunes to my new Dell laptop and I did everything and I have never backed up any apple device on this laptop before. I haven’t backed up my phone ever and I've had it for 5 months. It is asking for a password to unlock my iPhone backup. I tried my Apple ID password and it didn't work. And I never set a password for that. What's my password for that then?

unlock iTunes backup password

Those two problems are collected from Yahoo Answers. But as far as I am concerned, there must not only 2 questions that the iTunes users have. People who lost or forgot iTunes iPhone backup password are usually because their carelessness. We can not promise that we are not careless in our daily life. Even the most careful person is likely to lose his or her password; therefore you should at first take steps to deal with this problem, not to blame yourself.

Therefore, that is to say, if you are able to figure out one or two effective ways to disable iTunes backup password, then everything will be okay. But do you know how to unlock backup password in iTunes for iPhone? Here I share a nice and cool third party tool for you. That is, SmartKey iTunes Backup Password Recovery.

SmartKey iTunes Backup Password Recovery

It is a powerful and professional iTunes backup unlocker ( for iPhone, iPad or iPod. You can get to use it without losing any data. As a kind of advanced software, this iTunes backup password recovery tool is able to recover your iTunes backup password within 5 minutes. Here is about how to use this application as below:

Step 1: Download and install this backup password recovery software to your Windows-based personal computer. Then click and open it.
Step 2: Select one password attack types and then click the “recover” button to start the recovery process.
Step 3: At last, wait until this iTunes backup password unlocker to unlock backup file of your iOS device.

unlock iTunes backup password

Friday, March 14, 2014

Rumors about iTunes Radio Maybe a Separate App in iOS 8

According to the technology blog, 9to5Mac, says, Apple is testing its music service, iTunes Radio, in order to show it as a separate app in the next iOS version - iOS 8. This indicates that Apple is likely to let the iTunes Radio to be an important role as a separate app, not just one of the options in the iOS music application.

Perhaps the iTunes Radio will be preloaded in iOS 8 and its impressions is similar to Music application. The iOS users are able to listen to Featured Stations, create or manage their own music station and buy music and album. The 9to5Mac says, Apple had ever planed to make iTunes Radio as the single remote application of iOS 6. However, because of the transaction problems, they gave up.

Even though these rumors come from some unknown persons, Apple must consider to the new way of improving their iTunes Radio's users. There is no denying that the iTunes service runs well. Besides this, reports from Edison Research show that, 2000 visitors think the iTunes Radio is the most popular third streaming music service.

But the iTunes Radio still needs to improve. Since the online in September last year, this service has won the favors of twenty million users. Of course, compare to the six hundred million iTunes users, this number is just a drop in the sea. Except for this, iTunes Radio will face the competition from Pandora, Spotify and other similar service, and all of these services have their own proprietary application in App Store.

Apple has the history of making different functions into a separate application. The iOS Music application had ever included podcast and iTunes University, and then these two also be separated into two single remote applications.

PS: If you connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to iTunes and it asks for a backup password but you forgot it, you can see how to remove iTunes backup password in this blog.
If you had ever lost your iTunes backup password before, try to click here to make use of the right software to recover it. Good luck!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Tricks on iPad Air Backup Password Recovery - How to Recover iPad Air Backup Password on iTunes

The iPad Air has been released to us and the Apple seems not to let us down again. For the users of the new iPad Air, they are likely to use this new product to play games, watching movies, reading books, listening music or do some working task. Sometimes for the sake of prevent losing information, they want to backup their iPad Air data on iTunes, so they have to connect their iPad device to the computer and then do the backups. We also know that we are able to create a backup password for the iPad backups, but it is easy for us to lose the backup password, especially you haven't connected the iPad backup for a long time. Therefore, you can learn some tricks about iPad Air backup password recovery ( learn more) in this article.

How to recover iPad Air backup password when you lost it? It is actually a similar problem to you forgot backup password on other Apple device such as iTunes backup password, iPhone backup password and iPod backup password. That is to say, no matter what Apple device you use, as long as it is the backup password, that is the same. Therefore, you may ask whether there is a universal method to unlock backup password on iPad Air. Actually it is yes, but before you know that you can see the tricks as below.

Trick 1: Remember iPad Air backup password in case of losing data

Believe it or not, there are so many data in your iPad Air; you have to backup it in case of losing them. If you are sure the data in your iPad Air are not so important and you can download them again once you delete them by accident, you can leave it alone. But in my eyes, to download them again is really troublesome. I think you have better backup iPad Air data at regular intervals because sometimes things are unexpected. Once you forgot iPad backup password by accident, it is too late to regret .

Also if you have created a backup password on your iPad Air backups, it is more important to remember the backup password because without it, you can't open your iPad Air backup file and also do the backup. Consequently, you had better remember the backup password in case of losing data.

Trick 2: Recover Lost iPad Air backup password with iTunes Backup Password Recovery

What if you have lost iPad Air backup password and can't find it back? It is really a sad accident and you have better make use of a backup password recovery tool if you want to figure your data back. As far as I am concerned, the SmartKey iTunes Backup Password Recovery is one of the best iPad Air backup password recovery tool.

This iTunes backup password recovery software is easy to use and it is not only support iTunes backup password recovery, but also iTunes iPad backup password reset (, iPod backup password unlocks and also the iPhone backup password crack. Therefore, there is no need to worry that its name is about iTunes, how about use it to your iPad Air.  As a matter of fact, every time you want to do your iPhone, iPad or iPod backups, you will have to open your iTunes.

It is really lucky enough for the person who lost their backup password on iTunes, iPhone, iPad and iPod to take advantage of such convenient password recovery application to recover iPad Air backup password. Last but not least, for more details about how to use it, you can check out:

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Forgot iPhone 5C Backup Password, How to Decrypt It?

The iPhone 5C has a lower price than the iPhone 5S and that the price promotion seems not to be so effective. But we don't need to worry about it, it is not proved that iPhone 5C lose its market. For some persons, they are willing to use the iPhone 5C. However, those iPhone 5C users have a problem when they use the iPhone 5C. That is the iPhone backup password. They are able to create an iPhone backup password when they need to backup their iPhone 5C data using iTunes. But once they forgot iPhone 5C backup password by accident, they can't do anything. So what can they do? You will find out answer here.

We all know that the iPhone backup password is able to be created when you connect your iPhone to iTunes. In the backup option you can choose to encrypt iPhone backup as long as you dislike other persons to see your iPhone data. The next time when you connect your iPhone to iTunes and need to backup your iPhone data again, you need to type the backup password at first. Therefore, once you lost iTunes backup password for your iPhone 5C, you may need to use an effective way to unlock it.

However, which is the better method to recover iTunes backup password for iPhone 5C? I think the SmartKey iTunes Backup Password Recovery is not so bad. It is the professional and powerful iTunes backup password breaker to unlock backup password on iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPhone 3gs and iPad and iPod Touch. It is a famous program to help with your iTunes, iPhone, iPad and iPod backup password problem.

Just as you see other software, you may curious about how to use this SmartKey iTunes Backup Password Recovery tool. Now let's see the steps as below:
  • Step 1: Google search and then click the first link. It is the official website of this tool. Then download and install it to your Windows-based PC.
  • Step 2: Open this application and then you can see the Open button on the right of this user interface. Click the button and then insert your locked iPhone 5C backup file to it.
  • Step 3: Choose one of the password attack types according to the physical truth of your password and then click the Start button to begin recovery. Then you will find out your password of your iPhone 5C backup file.

That is so easy when you forgot iPhone backup password carelessly. I think you don't need to worry about what to do when you forgot iPhone 5C backup password now!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Is iOS 7 Making You Feel Sick?

If you have used iOS7, you will discover that even if the flat design style, the new UI won't give a person the sense of crude, because the Apple add a lot of dynamic transition effects. However, recently some iPhone users in the Apple forum complaint that too much dynamic effects on iOS7 let them feel sick. He said that when he is reading, the iOS7 screen is just like reading in the car. After that, some other followers agree with that opinion.

1. Is iOS7 making you feel sick?

The Apple iOS7 is the significative change in the iOS system style. Therefore, it will result in different response of different people. Of course, there is no influence of using iOS7 in the taste of styles. Even though the users who dislike iOS7, they will adjust it gradually, because of in most cases, we won't spend too much time on the system itself. However, the other problem that iOS7 style change brings is not the slow adaptation. It is some iPhone users react that iOS7 let them feel nausea and dizzy.

2. Can we close the motion functions?

In the iOS7 secondary function, Apple offers the option of reducing the effect of dynamic; it is able to close the effect of hovered icon by making use of optical illusion. But when they click to enter or exit applications, the desktop icons move fast, blow up to inside and narrow the effect. But these functions can't be closed.

3. Opinions of professors

For some iPhone user, that is really a big problem. About this, some professors suggest that they had better take a rest usually; also the eyes don't stay closely to the screen, or don't use the device. Certainly, for those rely on mobile device too much, the last suggestion seems not suit for them.

4. Opinions of science and technology writers

Some science and technology writers doubt that whether Apple ignores people who have difficulty in vision and sense of balance. If Apple really wants to take care of those users that have physical illness, they have to know the problems that those functions bring and spend more time listening to the response of their user and let these functions more useful.

5. Opinions of application developers

Some application developers think that if Apple is able to provide options for their users to stop the animation, then that will be a good thing. Besides, the application users should consider different users and then design their UI according to this. They should allow their users to close the upsetting things, but the animation is sure to have and it is not just for the decoration. Apple should provide this option on a system level.

6. Opinion of me:

I think it is normal for the iOS7 users to fell sick when they are using it. Sometimes it is not only on the using of iOS7, but also when you are playing games. But if the Apple do not afford an option for you to close them and you still want to use it, you can try to close your eyes and then wait for a moment. When you feel better, continue to use it. Otherwise, you have to adjust it.

By the way, if you lost your iPhone data after you updating your iPhone to iOS7, you can use an iPhone data recovery tool to recover the data. If you need to recover your data from iPhone backup file, then it is quite helpful. Last but not least, if you forgot iPhone backup password ( on iTunes, you can use the iTunes backup password recovery tool to recover iTunes backup password. Good luck!