Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Remove iTunes Backup Password Using These Attempts

How to remove iTunes iPhone backup password?
I lost everything. I made a backup. But it's asking for a password. I typed in several passwords that I know but none of them work. How can I remove the encrypted backup password. Please help!

remove itunes password

Don't panic when this happen to you. Sometimes too nervous will make you can't remember iTunes password. First, you need to relax! Then try the possible password as below:
* Try 0000 as the password, sometimes the default password is in fact, 0000.
* Try your iTunes Store password. This is most commonly the password to restore your backup.
* Try your 4 digit unlock code for your device. If you have a more complex unlock code involving characters and such, try that too.
* If you have managed to attempt all the Attempts and nothing has worked, it seems like you will have to restore and set up the phone as a new one.
* Sometimes, the password can be a really old iTunes password that you set a long time ago but have since changed it. The original password is sometimes your backup password. This may be a bug in iTunes but try it and see if it works.

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