Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to Disable iTunes Backup Password

How to disable iTunes backup password if you forgot the password ?
I'm trying to jailbreak my iPad 2 with the latest Absinthe 0.3 jailbreak but it complains that my device has a backup password that needs to be disabled. I'm running this on my work PC that I since my iPhone 4 to. It does have an encrypted backup but I've forgotten the password. I just connected it and clicked cancel in iTunes when it prompted me to sync to this library. I then just closed iTunes and ran the jailbreak.I also tried to removed the password but I can't. It appears that you can't enter a blank encryption password. Can anyone help me out? How do I disable backup password in iTunes ?

For sure, many people who using iPhone/iPad/iPod are facing with such a problem.
Anyway, don’t worry, actually, though you forgot your iTunes backup password, to break it is not that difficult as you think. Here in this article, 2 efficient ways to break iTunes backup password will be introduced for you.

disable itunes backup password

Way 1: Disable iTunes Backup Password with Some Familiar Password
Forgot password has been a serious problem, not just iTunes backup password. We can't use the same password beacuse once on of the password let out, other place using password will not safe any more.
However, in order to easy to remember the password, people prefer to use some familiar characters as password, which due to use few passwords repeatedly. That's mean may be your Facebook, G-mail, Yahoo login password is the same! In the same way, your iTunes backup password may be is your iTunes Store password, your iPhone screen password, or the common password 0000 etc. Therefore, try out some of your familiar password at frist, it is likely to your iTunes backup password.

Way 2: Disable iTunes Backup in Windows with Password Recovery Tool
The password recovery tool for iTunes backup had been created. Such tool is relatively rare. As far as i know, SmartKey iTunes Backup Password Recovery is an excellent tool for iTunes backup password disable. First, i did not forgot iTunes backup password, it's my little sister Alice, she is just 8 years old, it is not odd to forgot the password. As her elder brother, I have a responsibility to help her solve this problem.

I searched on the internet, and found people who met the same problem in the Apple Support community. Someone suggested SmartKey iTunes Backup Password Recovery, questioner adopted this answer and said this tool helped him. So i downloaded this software from and follow the instruction. Only few minutes, the lost password displayed. Wow, i can't believe that recover iTunes backup password just so easy! That's why i strongly recommend this tool.

No matter you are good at computer or not, when you happened to forget iTunes backup password, you can choose one of the two ways to disable backup password iTunes as easy as 123.

Compared with the above 2 ways, which way do you think most suitable for you? If efficiency, time and easy, simple operation are your consideration, then I highly suggest you to use 2nd Way——SmartKey iTunes Backup Password Recovery to meet your needs.

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