Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lost iTunes Backup Password,How to Recover Lost iTunes Backup Password

i Lost iTunes Backup Password !

It's not strange to lose iPhone/iPod/iPad backup password in iTunes, after all, remember everything accurately is impossible. Here listed 5 possible reasons why forgot iTunes backup password .forgot iTunes backup password
Possibility 1: You set password when backup iTunes files, however, you forgot it.
Possibility 2: Get a second hand iPhone, but the previous owner set the backup password and did not tell you.
Possibility 3: Someone set your iTunes backup password, and he did not tell you too or he forgot it.
Possibility 4: Upgrade iOs, iTunes asking for backup password.
Possibility 5: Never set a passsword, however, someday when open iTunes backup it need a password.

"I lost everything. I made a backup. But it's asking for a password. I typed in several passwords that I know but none of them work. How can I remove the encrypted backup password. i don't want to lost iTunes backup. Please help!" Asked by Danny.

We can find lost of problems from Apple support community as Danny said. Part of the people asked for a free way, so, is there any way to free crack iTunes backup password? The answers is Yes. But it did not work for all the situations. Such free way is use iTunes Recovery Menu, the premise is you can access to email account. There is an option in the right of the password filed labeled"Forgot Passowrd? ", this function is get backup password from email.

What if can't access email account? There is no way to get encrypted backup files any more ? Don't despair yet. Here is a quick and easy way to unlock encrypted backup files, that's use iTunes Backup Password Recovery, provided by SmartKey, a trusted name of password recovery tools developer, is a very user-friendly and efficient iTunes backup password reset tool. This is especially designed for those non-computer professionals, because it is pretty easy to operate (only 3 mouse clicks), and its automatic design makes the whole lost iTunes backup password recovery process fast and accurate.

How to Recover iTunes Backup Password Step by Step Instructions

First Step. Download Smartkey iTunes Backup Password Recovery from http://goo.gl/tKMDr and install it on your computer,enter into the main interface, click "Open" to navigate the file you need to recover: that's manifest.plist file. Second Step. Choose a Attack Type
Three kinds of attack providing in this software: Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack, Dictionary Attack. Each attack type has its requirements and limitation, and you can select the most appropriate one to effectively and correctly get the iTunes backup file password.
Third Step. Begin recovery
Click "Start" to start cracking the password, during the process you are allowed to click "Stop" button to stop the process and then save the project for later importing the previous attacking results to resume recovery without rescanning. Within minutes, your iTunes backup password will be recovered successfully.

Can't Believe Just So Simple?

Wow, can't believe recover lost iTunes backup password just so easy! Ha, this is it.

Why i know such great tool thanks to my forgetful mum, she forgot her iPhone 5 backup password, and want to get the photos in backup, these photos means a lot to her, so she asked me for help. I don't know either, so i searched on the internet, most people recommend this tool. Here i wanna to tell people who forgot iTunes backup password, it really works well, what are you still waiting for?

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