Friday, April 26, 2013

How to Unlock iPod Touch Backup Password When You Forgot or Lost it

So, I have a 4th Generation 32G iPod Touch. I always had a password on it. Then, yesterday, I changed it. And literally, 10 minutes later, forgot what I had changed it to, which is incredibly stupid. I know. I tried a bunch of different combinations and eventually disabled it so many times that it now shows the "connect to iTunes" screen. I connected to iTunes. But it says something like "cannot connect to device because it is locked". I am currently on vacation and this using a computer I have never synced my iPod on. Now the questions are: Will I be able to unlock it? How can I unlock iPod touch backup password? Will I lose everything on it? I had all my contacts and calendar dates and photos. Thanks!

The above case is found from the Apple forum. To be honest, other similar questions are able to be discovered as well. That reminds us to ponder over that why so many persons forgot or lost their iPod password and how to unlock iPod backup password.

Why you forgot or lost iPod backup password?

As a matter of fact, the reason why you forgot or lost iPod Touch backup password is diverse. We can only list some of the possible reasons for you and warn you not to forget or lose iPod Touch backup password next time.
  1. Personal Reasons: Most of the reason about password lost is because of personal carelessness. Just like the above asker mentions, you changed the original password but forgot it soon. Or perhaps you haven't used your encrypted iPod Touch for a period but when you need to open your iPod Touch with the password, you can't remember it any more.
  2. External Reasons: If you are sure and clearly remember that you have typed the right password but it still asking for the password. Then perhaps someone has changed your iPod backup password but never told you the correct one.
  3. Other Reasons: Another possibility is that something is wrong with your iPod Touch or iTunes machine. Or other reasons results in the iPod Touch backup password lost.

How to unlock iPod backup password?

When we talk about how to unlock iPod backup password, the better way is to draw support from the third party tools. It is because they provide more professional servers and they are more likely to easy to use and you can only have to follow the simple instructions to solve your urgent problems easily and quickly.

Fortunately, there is a SmartKey iTunes Backup Password Recovery which is one of the password recovery tools to do you a favor. Now let's see how to use it to unlock iPod backup password in three steps.

Step 1: Free download iTunes Backup Password Recovery from its official website or a download site and then install the free trial version into a computer. Then click the Open button to insert your password protected file.

Step 2: You can see three password attack types in the middle of the user interface – Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack. Choose one of them according to your real condition and the click Start button to begin recovery.

Step 3: After a while you will find out what your password is with this iTunes Backup Password Recovery and then you can use the password to unlock iPod backup files.

Wow, it is really a simple app to unlock iPod backup password and if you happen to forgot or lost iPod backup password by accident, you can try it right now! Hope this article helpful! For more detail information about how to unlock iPod backup password you can visit:

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