Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How to Recover iTunes Backup Password on iPhone/iPad/iPod

Have you ever lost iTunes backup password when you connect your Apple device (iPhone, iPad or iPod) to your computer? Do you know how to recover iTunes backup password when you lost or forgot it? As a famous free app on Apple device, iTunes has never been so famous before, especially when every new Apple product release. Just as the Apple says, iTunes is everywhere. When you feel like establishing an establishment with the PC and your iOS device, you will need the iTunes. But we all know that we are able to create a password for iTunes backup, once this iTunes backup password is lost, you can't synchronize your music, downloaded app or movie to your PC. Then your life will be less interesting.

Therefore, what to do when you lost or forgot iTunes backup password ? Perhaps you would like to unlock it or to delete the iTunes. However different user has different viewpoint and measure. You can just look at the below users and see whether you are the one or not.

User 1: You may have no ways to deal with this problem, but if you ignore this issue, all the data you have synchronized couldn't be found. If the data play an important role and you have no copy editions, you will be so anxious. But if they are useless and you have no ways to deal with it, you can just leave it alone.

User 2: Someone may suggest you to unload your iTunes from your control panel and then download the iTunes again. But it is not a practical method because when you download and install iTunes, it still asks for an iTunes backup password.

User 3: Someone may suggest you to download an iTunes backup password recovery tool. Well, it is the last method you can use, but it is also a useful way. You might as well have a try when you have no other solutions and sometimes it may be helpful than other ways.

From the above users, maybe the method of the user 3 is the available measure. The same as iTunes, such iTunes backup password breaker is also an application that is designed by third party. It is a professional program to unlock iPhone backup password, crack iPad backup password or break iPod backup password, etc. You can use this tool to decrypt iTunes backup password with minutes and it supports all the iOS devices.

Before you know about a tool, you have to know about the instructions. Therefore, you can see how to use this iTunes backup password cracker with three steps as below:

Step1: Download and install the related tool, such as the SmartKey iTunes Backup Password Recovery. Then install it to your PC. For this smart key tool, it has to be installed in Windows OS based computer. Then you can click to open this tool.

Step2: You can see three password attack types. Once is the Brute-force Attack. One is the Brute-force with Mask Attack, the last one is the Dictionary Attack. These password attack types are all have their own functions.
  1. Brute-force Attack: It is the default password attack types. Once you click it, the tool will try all the possible passwords for you. From A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and all the special symbols. Of course, it will take a lot of time.
  2. Brute-force with Mask Attack: It is an option for you to select when you remember some of the password symbols. You can check out and do some setting, and then the tool will find out the password according to your option.
  3. Dictionary Attack: It is a type that is highly recommended. If you are not sure about what the incorrect password is, but you remember several combinations, you can write all of them in a text file and then import it to this tool, and then it will find out passwords for you from this file.
Step3: After the alternatives of the three password attack types, you can click the Start button and then this iTunes backup password unlocker will restore your iTunes backup password within three minutes.

Last but not least, you can use the iTunes backup password to synchronize your iPhone, iPad or iPod. That is all about how to recover iTunes backup password on iPhone, iPad or iPod. You can also visit: for more detailed information. Thank you.

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