Friday, May 24, 2013

How to Recover iTunes Backup Password on iPhone 5

Apple iPhone seems to be more and more popular in recent years. Nowadays the newest version of iPhone is no doubt to be the iPhone 5. For the iPhone 5 users, you may enjoy the convenience and also the new features of it. Perhaps the reason you choose to own an iPhone 5 is that to chase for the fashion, to study novel things or just to flaunt the considerable wealth. However, do you ever hate your iPhone 5 in one moment, just because you forgot iTunes backup password on it? That is really an unpleasant disaster sometimes!

I have ever listened to my close friend to talk about his experience about his new iPhone 5. He was the person who lost iTunes backup password of his iPhone 5. At first, he asked me for the help, but I had no idea about that. Then he asked his question on the Apple forum, but ridiculously, nobody answered his question. Then he became anxious because he needs to backup his information to the iTunes but he forgot the backup password!

I could understand him and felt his sadness at that time. Because that iPhone 5 was a Christmas gift by his mother and he cherished it very much. Therefore, I would like to try my best to help him. I searched how to recover iTunes backup password on iPhone 5 online and hoping to get some idea about that.

I found that many of them showed that we could use a professional SmartKey iTunes Backup Password Recovery program. I don't know what that program is, so I continued to search SmartKey iTunes Backup Password Recovery. After some detailed researching, I thought that software deserved to have a try.

Therefore, I sent a message to my friend and told him to try that iTunes backup password cracker tool. At first, he didn't agree with me. But I told him to attempt to because he had no other ways to unlock iTunes backup password on his iPhone 5. Finally, he accepted my suggestion and follow the instruction to do that, the simple steps are:

Step 1: Download, install and open the SmartKey iTunes Backup Password Recovery.
Step 2: Insert your iTunes backup file to the iTunes backup password breaker from your PC. It is a file with the format of .plist. If you can't find it directly, just search it on your PC.
Step 3: Select a password attack type from the three types and then click the Start button.
Step 4: Wait for a while and the software will find out the password of the iTunes backup password of your iPhone 5.
Really simple steps, but if you need to know more detailed information about this iTunes backup password recovery tool, you can visit:

PS: Exciting news about WWDC for all Apple users

Have you heard that news? The latest news shows that Apple will hold the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) meeting on June 10th in San Francisco. That is absolutely an exciting message, especially for the huge Apple fans! Every time in the WWDC, Apple will launch its new products. Therefore, what will this year be? We might as well be expected to the next generation of the iOS and OS X.

At the same times, internally at Apple, they seem to be more exciting than others for the announcement of the new versions of iOS and OS X. And last month, Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice President of global Marketing Department, express that the developers had just experienced a year of profit. They are eager to show the newest iOS and OS X to the developers in WWDC. Also, about the iWatch, Apple TV and the newest streaming media on demand service, whether all of this new products will be shown or not, let's just look forward to them.

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