Friday, June 7, 2013

Rumors about What Apple is Likely to Show in WWDC 2013

Apple is planning to convoke its WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) on June 10-14 and as the date is coming around, recently there are many rumors about WWDC. Many persons speculate that what Apple will show us in next week. Some of them hold the view that Apple won't introduce its hardware equipments in the conference.

On the contrary, it will focus on the present software product, especially the iOS mobile station operating systems that run in iPhone and iPad devices.

Bill Shope, one of the Goldman Sachs analysts, expresses his opinion that Apple is not likely to launch other hardware products, except the product line of Mac in terms of reality. In spite of this, he says that we are willing to believe WWDC in this year will be recorded in history.

The opinions of those analysts in Goldman Sachs are, if Apple Inc is able to finish the below actions, then it will be a new transition for Apple. Now let's see what they are:

1. A big change of interfacial design.

First of all, in the lead of Jonathan Ive and Craig Federighi, Apple will emphasize the change of its software design philosophy. According to the past reports, perhaps iOS 7 will has a flatter design. This will change the appearance of the iOS device and service and also alter the feelings of its users. Indeed, people care more the interface design of their machines than before.

2. More potential update and promotion of iOS service.

For iOS service and the main update and promote of the entire ecosystem, the change of interface design seems to be quite important. Siri and iCloud will be the key factors that have an impact on Apple's share price. And whether the third party developers are able to contact the synchronization service of iCloud or not is also be a significant point. And for Siri, due to the technical problems and the restriction of applications, it is in an awkward circumstance.

3. Some subversive innovations of iOS service.

If we based on the past experiences, we will find that it is quite difficult to forecast what Apple will change for its iOS. However, we can also to see some subversive innovations of it. The iRadio, the streaming music service of Apple, is possible to be launched in WWDC. If that is real, then it will not only to build confidence of Apple, but also win more customers.

Anyway, other rumors about WWDC are also to be put forward to, we can just wait for that day! BTW, if you have any problems about the Apple products, especially iTunes, iPhone, iPad and iPod, such as iTunes backup password recovery, you can visit other articles in this blog.

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