Thursday, June 20, 2013

Forgot iTunes Backup Password - How to Restore iTunes From Backup on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

When we use any of the iOS devices, we are likely to use iTunes frequently. Practically speaking, iTunes is a kind of digital media application. It is a kind of free application software that used on Mac and PC and it is able to manage and play your digital music and video. The iTunes is able to download the application software to all your device and computer automatically. It is also your virtual store and you can do anything about entertainment at any time with it and the latest version of iTunes is iTunes 11 now!

To speak of, iTunes is able to backup all our information on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and we are able to create a backup password on iTunes in order to protect the data on the iOS device. When iOS is password protected, once you connect your information to PC, it will ask for the password of the iTunes. However, once you forgot iTunes backup password carelessly, you won't restore your data from the backup!

Therefore, how to solve this accident quickly? I think you will need to figure out an effective way to remove or find out the backup password.

Solution 1: Free download another iTunes version

This way is likely to reinstall Windows OS when you forgot Windows password. You can try to download another iTunes version from Apple official website and the latest version such as iTunes 11 will be better. After re-install your iTunes version, and then it will not allow you to type the password any more. But when you need to restore backup, there is also a password you need to type, at this time, as long as you delete the backup and when you backup your data next time, you will not need to type the password again.

Solution 2: Use SmartKey iTunes Backup Password Recovery

Even though you can free download a new version easily, it is not available for every situation. Therefore, if the first solution is not useful, you have to use a third party tool to restore iTunes backup password. Which is the better tool? I think SmartKey iTunes Backup Password Recovery is better!

SmartKey iTunes Backup Password Recovery is a well-known iTunes backup password breaker to recover iTunes backup password and it supports all the backup of iOS device such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It also supports all the iTunes versions, including the latest version – iTunes 11! It is safe, quick and easy to use. You can know how to use it as below:

Step 1: Download and install iTunes backup password cracker

Just like you download iTunes from the Apple website, this iTunes backup password recovery tool is also an application. So you need to download it from its official website and then install it to your PC. If you are the phone user, you can also visit and download it from your mobile phone, but you can't install it. This tool is only capable of installing to Windows computer.

Step 2: Select and start to recover iTunes backup password

Now you need to open this iTunes backup password recovery tool and then find out the path of your locked iTunes backup file and then insert it to this tool. You are able to see three password attack types of the recovery process. Just check one option and the Dictionary Attack is recommended. Last but not least, the most important action is to click the start button.

PS: If you can't find out your backup files in your computer, you can attempt to search it and the default file is "manifest.plist".

Step 3: Finish iTunes Backup Password Recovery

After step one and step two, you have finished the process of recovering iTunes backup password. Wait for a while and then the tool will show you the password of your locked iTunes backup file.

Well, the second solution is really easy. As far as I am concerned, if downloading another iTunes version doesn't work for you, you might as well try to download the iTunes backup password tool when you forgot iTunes backup password!

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