Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Forgot iPhone 5C Backup Password, How to Decrypt It?

The iPhone 5C has a lower price than the iPhone 5S and that the price promotion seems not to be so effective. But we don't need to worry about it, it is not proved that iPhone 5C lose its market. For some persons, they are willing to use the iPhone 5C. However, those iPhone 5C users have a problem when they use the iPhone 5C. That is the iPhone backup password. They are able to create an iPhone backup password when they need to backup their iPhone 5C data using iTunes. But once they forgot iPhone 5C backup password by accident, they can't do anything. So what can they do? You will find out answer here.

We all know that the iPhone backup password is able to be created when you connect your iPhone to iTunes. In the backup option you can choose to encrypt iPhone backup as long as you dislike other persons to see your iPhone data. The next time when you connect your iPhone to iTunes and need to backup your iPhone data again, you need to type the backup password at first. Therefore, once you lost iTunes backup password for your iPhone 5C, you may need to use an effective way to unlock it.

However, which is the better method to recover iTunes backup password for iPhone 5C? I think the SmartKey iTunes Backup Password Recovery is not so bad. It is the professional and powerful iTunes backup password breaker to unlock backup password on iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPhone 3gs and iPad and iPod Touch. It is a famous program to help with your iTunes, iPhone, iPad and iPod backup password problem.

Just as you see other software, you may curious about how to use this SmartKey iTunes Backup Password Recovery tool. Now let's see the steps as below:
  • Step 1: Google search and then click the first link. It is the official website of this tool. Then download and install it to your Windows-based PC.
  • Step 2: Open this application and then you can see the Open button on the right of this user interface. Click the button and then insert your locked iPhone 5C backup file to it.
  • Step 3: Choose one of the password attack types according to the physical truth of your password and then click the Start button to begin recovery. Then you will find out your password of your iPhone 5C backup file.

That is so easy when you forgot iPhone backup password carelessly. I think you don't need to worry about what to do when you forgot iPhone 5C backup password now!

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